Upcoming Online Events

Below are our upcoming online storytelling events, as well as any recent shows which are available for streaming.

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NOW STREAMING - LIZ WEIR IN PERSON! An inspiring convert of stories with Liz Weir MBE, Willy Claflin and Kenny Somerville. Get the recording now! Buy tickets for this storytelling event by clicking here.
Sat Aug 3rd - Good Liars Club Festival FREE Claire is delighted to be telling at the fabulously named "Knee Slappin' gollywhoppers" session at 2pm Pacific but there is a full day's schedule so come along and have some fun! Buy tickets for this storytelling event by clicking here.
Tues August 13th - OPEN MIC STORYSLAM Join us either to tell a story or listen and vote on your top two stories on the theme of "Animal Antics." Buy tickets for this storytelling event by clicking here.
We have 10 guaranteed storyteller spots! Join us either to tell a traditional story or fairy tale or simply come and listen to some wonderful stories. Buy tickets for this storytelling event by clicking here.
NOW STREAMING: BAY AREA STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, North The 33rd BASF was amazing! We have recorded everything and you can watch it until July 31st. Buy tickets for this storytelling event by clicking here.

Previous Online Events

Below are a sample of some of our previous shows and online storytelling events. Click on any image to play.
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LOL IRL - OMG this show is ROFL and then some. Stories about Birkenstocks and being bare naked, Shakespearean Frogs, bored rooftop rebels, and perfect pies. Watch Claire Hennessy be bested once again by the hilarious and unpredictable Diane Ferlatte along with Anne Rutherford, Jessica Robinson, Ed Stivender, and Regina Stoops Comedy Regina Stoops.
THE COURTHOUSE STEPS - For several decades Ed Stivender and Angela L. Lloyd have held a Fringe Event during the National Storytelling Festival at the Washington County Courthouse in Jonesborough, Tennessee. This event was loved for its free-form style and spontaneity. With Doug and Todd Elliott, Barbara C. Freeman, The Pokingbrook Morris Dancers, Sam Payne, and Adriel (Noah) Lepp.
THREE YEARS AND WE'RE STILL HERE! Who knew we’d still be having this much fun? We've gone from the days of sketchy internet and Zoom bombs to having a reputation for being one of the best produced shows around. Enjoy this star-studded show featuring festival favorites AND the brand new Anniversary Anthem written and performed by Corey Rosen.
STELLARSLAM "LEAP OF FAITH" - Watch the winners from our monthly StorySlams compete for the ultimate prize of being crowned SFAP StellarChampion! Ten great stories from ten great tellers.
REAL FOLK. An evening of enchanting stories of legends, myths, folk and fairy tales. With Odds Bodkin, Simon Brooks and Charlotte Blake Alston.
BRAIDED STORIES II - True, personal stories braided together with a traditional tale. Back by popular demand. Storytellers: Margaret Burk, Megan Wells, Muriel Johnson, Chetter Galloway
A NEW SPIN ON AN OLD STORY. Tradtitional Tales with a Twist. An original show with exciting new stories based on traditional tales. With storytellers: Tim Ereneta, Joel Ying, Lyn Ford, and Motoko
ONCE UPON A TIME OPEN MIC - A wonderful evening of excellent traditional tales told by a fabulous line up of storytellers.
PITCH US A STORY - Four storytellers pitched us ideas for stories and we decided to put on a show! Stories of first kisses, forbidden kisses, drug addiction, drug-sniffing dogs, and powerful fatherly advice.

Click HERE to see all our online storytelling events.

A Few Words About Us

Six Feet Apart Productions was born out of the never-ending need to entertain and be entertained. Armed only with a Zoom account, a sketchy internet connection, and the combined technical knowledge of an eight-year-old, Claire Hennessy and Regina Stoops are determined to turn Shelter-in-Place into Entertainment-in-Place.

Stay Six Feet Apart as we bring the entertainment from our living rooms to yours through storytelling, poetry, comedy, music, and who knows what else. An eclectic mix of online entertainment to feel connected in times of social distancing and self-isolation.

Our online events bring you a mix of stories and storytellers, from Moth GrandSlam winners, like Nestor Gomez, to those who have never told a story on stage before. From Internationally known tellers like Bil Lepp (host of the History Channel's popular TV show "Man vs History") and award-winning folk tale storytellers (like Diane Ferlatte, Charotte Blake Alston and Odds Bodkin) to authors who just had their books launched into an environment with no bookstores. Plus an Open Mic StorySlam where you can vote on your favorite story and the winners go on to our Stellar StorySlam.

We also produce festivals, workshops, and comedy shows, plus we work closely with other organizations, such as the Storytelling Association of California (in particular Stories in Living Color), Better Said Than Done and Story Jam.

Claire Hennessy

British-born Claire Hennessy is an award-winning storyteller, podcaster (The Bonkers Brit) and author. She performs funny, true and often embarrassing stories about her husband and kids around the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been published in numerous award-winning anthologies and is hoping to find an agent for her humorous memoir before she is too old to go on a book tour.

To listen to The Bonkers Brit, please visit her podcast, listen on all major podcast platforms or visit her Facebook page.

Regina Stoops

Comedian, award-winning storyteller and writer Regina Stoops has lived a life filled with so many causes she has run out of room on her car's bumper. With thought-provoking honesty and humor, Regina entertains with tales about the hurdles, detours and lessons learned along life's path. Regina is a stay-at-home mom, special needs parent and MS Warrior currently sheltering in place in the Bay Area with her wife and three kids.

For more information on Regina, please visit her website or Facebook page.

Giving Back

SFAP believes in giving back to our community and the world at large. Often our online events will have a theme and we donate a portion of the proceeds accordingly. To that end, we have raised over $1200.00 and have donated to the following organizations.


"A fabulous show. Wonderful storytelling."
"Well curated content providing a unique program that continues to grow in popularity."
"I am really loving all these wonderful stories. Really a treat. Muchisimas gracias to everyone who is participating."
"That was a really meaningful and well put together event! From the production, MC and all the tellers - what a quality event and experience. Thank you!"
"Loved the show! Wasn't able to attend live, but watched the recording."
"Thanks so much for inviting me to hang out with such a talented group of people. I had a great time and you produced a great show."
"That event was Incredible!! What a skill storytelling is and an engaging experience for listeners to visualize the events! My older boys (9 & 11) were cuddled under a blanket, predicting what was going to happen next, gasping out loud and saying what they’d do differently than the characters! Our family plans to join again for more storytelling adventures soon!"
"It was a gut-punching, powerful show last night (Re BLM show on Feb 6, 2021). I am so glad you asked me to be "backstage," because I think it mattered to have white folks in the live audience. I was honored to bear witness to the painful stories that were difficult to hear and process. Sheila was brilliant as the emcee to carry us through with lyrics from "Lift Every Voice and Sing." Kudos to you all."
"It was a terrific show, quite an impressive group of storytellers. Claire was a fantastic host, giving equal enthusiasm for each teller, with insightful interview questions that added so much more than an intro/bio. Kudos!"

The Team

Claire Hennessy


Regina Stoops


Mark "Bug" Hennessy

Technical Guru

Tom Breese

Graphic Design

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