2021 Online Events

Below are all our 2021 online storytelling events. Click on any show to play.

REAL FOLK. An evening of enchanting stories of legends, myths, folk and fairy tales. With Odds Bodkin, Simon Brooks and Charlotte Blake Alston.
BRAIDED STORIES. Traditional and True personal stories blended together to create one exceptional evening. Storytellers: Heather Forest, Laura Simms, Mo Reynolds and Linda Yemoto.
A powerful and thought-provoking event produced with Storytelling Association of California and Six Feet Apart Productions: The Meaning of Life... Without Parole: Stories of Incarceration, Reconciliation and Redemption. With Michael D. McCarty, Howard Lieberman, Kelly Savage and Susan Bustamente. Emcees: Romarilyn Ralston and Courtney Hanson.
RATED R-IBALD - Rib·ald adjective “referring to sexual matters in an amusingly coarse or irreverent way.” Join us for an evening of risque, rowdy, bawdy storytelling brought to you by Better Said Than Done and Six Feet Apart Productions. Stories to make you laugh and perhaps squirm uncomfortably at the same time.
Come with us as we step into the enchanted, mystical world of Magical Fairytales! Tales with twists and turns told with amazing talent from Misty Mator, Laura Packer, Roopa Mohan and Ben Tucker.
Drag Queens Dish ... Stories with Flair and Big Hair!Join us as we celebrate Pride with delightful dames who dish. Sassy, saucy stories from the Queens of Drag.With guest emcee: Calvin S. CatoStoryellers: Covid Cassandra, Posh Rice, Per Sia and Ona Louise
Humor-Us...Or better yet, let us humor you! Stories of Wit Well Told. Let us lighten your day with laughter. Personal, stories told to bring a smile and a chuckle. What better way to celebrate National O. Henry Pun-Off Day? With Ed Stivender, Mary Theresa Archbold, Mo Reynolds and Vijai Nathan
Join us as we wander down the Path of Myths, Magic and Mystery. With Alton Chung, Megan Wells, Charlotte Blake Alston, Anne Rutherford and Norm Brecke.
ANNIVERSARY SHOW. A celebration of our first year of storytelling magic and mayhem. Join co-producers Claire Hennessy and Regina Stoops along with our fabulous guests for the evening:Sheila Arnold, Simon Brooks, Mary Carouba, Kate Farrell, Diane Ferlatte, JP Frary, Bil Lepp, Jessica Robinson, Cory Rosen, Brandon Spars and Kirk Waller
EVERY SONG'S A STORY. A show where four award-winning performers use spoken word and song to tell their stories. This show includes tales of love, loss, marriage, murder, the ordinary and the extraordinary. With Kim Weitkamp, Sam Payne, Paul Strickland and Rachel Ann Harding
STORYSLAM: LOVE. Love Unrequited or head over heels? Stars aligned or a great black hole? Have you ever been in love, smitten, besotted? Did Cupid's arrow find it's mark or miss by a mile? Stories about love and affection, desire and dread and all things love. L In love, out of love, for the love of a good story, don't miss this show!
BLACK STORIES MATTER - Join us as we celebrate Black History Month with five award winning storytellers. A portion of all proceeds went to the National Association of Black Storytellers. Emcee: Sheila Arnold and storytellers: Diane Ferlatte, Muriel Johnson, Baba the Storyteller and Devan Sandiford
REFRESH, RESET, REBOOT. 2021: A New StartAs we start a new year, we've invited 4 of the most talented storytellers around to inspire us with stories of new beginnings, new starts and new hope.With storyellers: Bil Lepp, Kim Weitkamp, Antonio Rocha and Regi Carpenter