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The day's schedule will present an opening and closing concert featuring all of our performers, solo shows, shared concerts, a workshop, an AASIA (Asian American Storytellers in Action) showcase, youth tellers and an open mic story swap.

The Festival will stream live on YouTube. This will include all of the live main stage performances of the day plus a recording of all breakout sessions and workshops. If you miss part of the festival on the day of, your link will allow for viewing afterwards.

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Festival Schedule

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The Festival is thrilled to welcome these internationally known artists:

Antonio Rocha

Antonio is originally from Brazil, but came to the USA in 1988 to study mime with Tony Montanaro. Since then Antonio has performed his unique fusion of mime and spoken word with his tenor voice and realistic sound effects, from Brazil to New Zealand, covering 15 countries across 6 continents. Antonio has many recordings, a picture book and earned the coveted Circle of Excellence Award by the National Storytelling Network.

Ingrid Nixon

Ingrid is an award-winning, world-traveling storyteller who whisks listeners away on journeys of the imagination. Exploration nail-biters, tall tales, traditional and personal stories—she tells them all on international expeditions, and at venues around the country, including the National Storytelling Festival. She is a champion liar many times over and – no lie – holds a Masters in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University. She currently hails from Southeast Alaska.

Tim Ereneta

Tim has told stories on stages from Washington, DC, to Chennai, India, performing in theaters, art museums, camps, churches, and nightclubs. Tim believes traditional tales are too much fun to be limited to children, so he seeks out adult audiences to share these stories with timeless themes. The Washington Post called Tim's "methodical manner and quiet wit... a refreshing change of pace." Tim lives in Berkeley, California.

Kirk Waller

With a lifelong love of story, literature and the performing arts, Kirk Waller has been immersed in these art forms for over 20 years. He has garnered national recognition for his storytelling, including being awarded the J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant by the National Storytelling Network, receiving a Parent’s Choice Foundation GOLD award for his CD, “But Why? Stories, Music and Songs” and being a storyteller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn. In addition to being the Director of Storytelling at Stagebridge, he is the former chair of the Storytelling Association of California and is on the advisory board of Tell It On Tuesday at the Marsh in Berkeley. Kirk received his bachelor’s degree in English and his Master’s in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.

Asian American Storytellers In Action

Spurred on by the pandemic and the eruption of anti-Asian hate, a group of talented Asian Americas storytellers came together to create Asian American Storytellers in Action (AASIA.) They have since produced many online programs and created a You Tube channel of Asian stories and activities Asian American Storytopia. During this year’s festival Eth-Noh-Tec, Eleanor Clement Glass, Bowen Lee, Roopa Mohan, and Linda Yemoto will present a delightful hour of Asian folktales and personal stories.

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"Once upon a time, in the land of hills and water and bridges, there lived a band of local folk who loved storytelling. They loved to hear tales told and to tell tales of their own. This society of storytellers traveled far and wide to gather together with the multitudes and be regaled with stories of all kinds.

One day, an idea was hatched. Why not bring the stories to their very own shire? Their land was pleasing to the eye and had many who would enjoy hearing and telling stories. And so it began, a festival in the West, a gathering that grew and grew. What started as a day grew to three and what began as a first became thirty festivals over many, many years. Word spread of the event and soon crowds from throughout the land, from all directions, came to hear and to learn from the greatest of the bards.

The society of storytellers was pleased as the festival grew beyond their wildest dreams. But, alas, the society eventually grew weary, as the festival required the work of many and at times there were only a few. There came a day when the festival bid adieu to the land of hills and water and bridges. The group was pleased with what they had done,but could no longer carry the torch onward.

Then, darkness fell upon the land and the people were made to stay in their homes, to cover their faces and could gather together o more. Stories were still told, but tellers were distant and spoke to the people from small windows, while the folk sat in their homes. This went on for some time and the people grew restless. Slowly, after a year and many months, the darkness started to lift. The folk ventured out of their abodes and the tellers stepped out of their rectangular confinement.

It was at this moment, while caught up in the joy of the fading darkness, that a certain storytelling lass decreed, “Let us bring back the festival!” The cry was echoed throughout the land and soon plans were afoot to once again assemble in the West. It was decided to gather in the spring, at a manor in the village known as Orinda.

And so the story continues..."

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Time: 9am - 6:30pm

Orinda Community Centre, 26 Orinda Way, Orinda CA 94563

Close to BART