Below are a sample of some of our previous slams. Click on any show to play.

WINNER: Jessica Robinson. Our theme is blame. Taking the blame, taking the fall, taking one for the team. True tales of pointing the finger, naming names, squealing. Stories about being blamed, blaming someone else, the shame of the blame, the blame game, fessing up... or not.
WINNER: Chris Williams. Our theme is True Grit. Stories about triumph, perseverance, hanging on, pushing through. Being overwhelmed or overcoming, when things get tough, the tough tell stories.
WINNER: David Rodriguez. To celebrate National Children's Day - Bringing out the inner child! Stories about being a child, having a child, acting like a child, tantrums and tattletales and all things childish.
WINNER: Vijay Mehrotra. To celebrate International Internet Day, we are telling stories about the internet - stories about going viral on YouTube, going back to the very early days of the computer, reading not-so-secret diaries online, living in Spain and how commuting with a friend created an online comic strip.
WINNER: Kory May. The natives rescued the Pilgrims. Tell us about a time when you were rescued, or when you threw out a lifeline or grabbed hold of a helping hand. Stories of saving and being saved, of coming through in the nick of time, literal or figurative, rescues of all sorts.

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